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 Can I paint over this or is it available in different colors?
     No.  It cannot be painted.  It is as thick as pudding and paint will NOT stick.  It does NOT come in different colors.  It can be removed with hot pressure wash and detergent.

 What color is it?
    It is a clearish slightly yellow gel that is applied with high pressure.
  Does it stink?
    It certainly has an "earthy" stale beer smell that goes away in a few days.

 Does it fix the rust?
   It doesn't FIX the rust.  It encapsulates it and prevents it from spreading by chemically bonding with the metal and blocking water and oxygen.  It does NOT change the appearance of rust.  Maybe makes it darker over time.

 It it safe?
   Fluid-Film is Non-toxic and safe.  Has no solvents.  Safe for just about all painted finishes, chromes and plastics.
 How do you treat a vehicle?
   The underside is checked for cleanliness and cleaned if needed.  Treatment is applied inside of frame rails with a complete coverage, outer frame, inside rocker panels, fenders, panels, and inside door sills using various wands, sprayers and brushes as needed.

 How long will this take?
   Plan on dropping your vehicle off for at least an hour.  Peak demand will take longer for me to treat.  And the size of vehicles too.

 This sounds too good to be true. Is this a gimmick?
   I have repaired rusty cars and metal for YEARS now and it made my life miserable.  I have tried those "Undercoatings" and paints and POR products to no avail.  I read up on this product and have been using it for a while now and I am a believer.  A "self-healing" product seems to make more sense to me than applying a hard paint or covering that will flake off and trap water.

  Do I need to re-apply this?
    Unfortunately it does wear off over time when exposed to the wear and tear of rain and whatever.  It WILL protect for a looong time but I suggest a treatment annually.   Any treatment INSIDE of panels will stay for a long time but floorpans and wheel wells should be treated yearly.   Re-treatment is less then full treatment.  See pricing.